CT Foodchain,
B2 Food Industrial:

CT FoodChain features 4 types of units to allow various operational requirements from food innovation, cold storage, central kitchen and food manufacturing. Any food processing and storage demands excellent planning and execution that meets the required standards in the industry in terms of hygiene and quality for the production of high-quality end products.

All the units at CT FoodChain are equipped with dedicated exhaust shaft, water point, proper ventilation, modern and building façade, and high-power supply, among other features.

Here are the 4 types of designs:
1. Grand Mezzanine (1st storey unit – about 3180 – 3530 sq ft and 6.825M Ceiling height)
2. Premier Mezzanine (2nd Storey and 3rd storey unit – about 3460 sq ft and 6.825m ceiling height)
3. Classic Module (5th – 9th level – about 1786 sq ft and 5.075m ceiling height)
4. Sky Module (4th and 10th level – about 1798 sq ft and 6.825 & 7m ceiling height)

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